This is an unofficial (fan) website for Ohr Somayach South Africa. The official site links are below but they may not be working at the time that you read this although Joburg are currently working on resolving this problem. If you're confused at the different logos for Ohr Somayach globally - I admit that I am too - the Rabbis state that we are all affilliated. In South Africa all the branches of Ohr Somayach are affilliated to the United Orthodox Synagogues, the single entity which affiliates all Orthodox Jews in South Africa.

There are a number of Ohr Somayach branches in Johannesburg including the main campus in Glenhazel as well as Sunny Road, Savoy and Sandton / Gallo Manor.

In Cape Town Ohr Somayach operates from a renovated house (also a National Monument) located at the corner of High Level and St Johns Roads. Daily minyonim are well attended.

Yaacov Bergman (right) and Wayne Merris recorded some of their talent that we all experience in our Shul. Please see the download page and share the recordings with your friends.

The official URLs for Ohr Somayach:
  • Glenhazel (Joburg - HQ) is
  • Cape Town
  • Global (a great Torah resource) -
  • Ohrsom (the Kiruv shul) in Sunny Road and organising trips to Israel -
  • Ohr Somayach Sandton in Gallo Manor -
  • Ohr Somayach Savoy - no website yet - Rabbi D Goldsteins office - +27 11 440 6192/5

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